Here is how we ensure that this difference happens:

We meet with the customer to look at where the deck will be built and then based on the dimensions provide 3 to 6 designs for the customer to consider or review plans the customer has provided. Making sure that the deck is built to a design that the customer wants. The same person is used to design and build your custom deck.

We build more than just a generic looking deck or porch. Every customer is delivered a design to fit the property and budget.

  • Obtain necessary building permits and take care of all inspections. Including making sure that utilities are marked prior to digging footers.
  • We hand pick out all lumber that will be used to build the deck or porch to insure the best looking product when completed.
  • We use a premium grade 5/4 ease edge deck boards for deck surfaces.
  • We use 3 inch screws to fasten deck boards and pre-drill holes for each screw.
  • We use a router to detail decking boards so that each deck has a custom look.
  • We provide references or an opportunity to look at a deck we’ve built for other satisfied customers.

The spring and summer months are our busiest time of year, but we do work and give estimates all year-round.

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